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Trans-Siberian Railway: Second Class


Although the first-class cabins are the ones that we advise to travelers who are planning a Trans-Siberian railway tour, people who are eager to get an authentic Russian travel experience often choose in favor of a second-class cabin as it's what most Russians choose for a long train ride. All in all, the second-class cabins (also known as the Kupe) on a regular Russian train offer the same amenities as a superior first-class car. The main difference is that they were designed to accommodate 4 people as opposed to SV, able to fit only 2.

All second-class cabins on a Trans-Siberian train are lockable and have 2 upper & 2 lower beds (each about 70 cm / 27.5 in wide and 190 cm / 75 in long). All passengers are provided with the cotton bed linen, as well as complimentary toiletries, slippers, and 2 towels. The berths come with shelves where you can keep the small belongings that you might need during the ride (all bulky luggage like suitcases have to be stored under the beds). The cabins of the second class are also fitted with a table and electric sockets. Keep in mind that there are two bathrooms per car, and those who prefer to sleep in might face a long toilet queue in the morning.

Trans-Siberian Train - 2nd Class

Have a Look Around a Second-Class Car

Trans-Siberian Train - First Class Cabin

All coaches are comfortable and air-conditioned.

Trans-Siberian Train - 2nd Class Cabin

Travelers are provided with cotton sheets and free toiletries.


Enjoy a guided tour around a 2nd-class car onboard a Trans-Siberian train with our charming rep, Vera.