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Trans-Siberian Railway: First Class


Of course, when you are planning a Russia train tour through the whole country, the question of comfort is a particularly pressing matter for many travelers. And that's completely understandable as the lion's share of the adventure you will spend onboard a regular Russian train, and most travelers don't have any idea what to expect from them. But there is no need to worry, as the Trans-Siberian train first-class cabins (also known as the "SV") that we offer are very well-fitted and provide everything you might need for a comfortable journey.

One cabin of this class is equipped for two people and is a combination of a bedroom and a living room. They are relatively spacious and were designed to accommodate two travelers. There are two lower beds, approximately 70 cm (27.5 in) wide and 190 cm (75 in) long, lined with cotton sheets of superior quality at your service during the ride. Between them, you can find a small table, perfect for an evening tea. There are several shelves where you can keep some necessities, but all the big luggage has to be stored under the beds.

Russian Rail, Trans-Siberian Train

The bedroom/living room is also fitted with a flat-screen TV and several power sockets where you can charge your devices, such as a phone, laptop, or camera (keep in mind that the Russian sockets differ from the American ones, and a power adapter might be needed).

All first-class cars on Trans-Siberian trains have two bathrooms, located on both ends of the coach. The passengers are provided with comfy slippers and complimentary toiletries, consisting of toothpaste, a toothbrush, and two towels. In the gallery below, you can find several pictures of the first-class cars on Trans-Siberian trains.

Trans-Siberian Train - First Class Cabin

The cabin's window is a perfect size for admiring the landscapes.

Trans-Siberian Train - First Class Cabin

The bed lining is made out of high-quality cotton.


Want to see more? Watch our rep Vera as she takes you on a tour of a 1st-class cabin of a Trans-Siberian train.