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Train Trips Across Russia

Hard to argue with the fact that magnificent Russia is laced with stereotypes and cloaked in mysteries. You've probably heard about bears roaming the streets, that balalaikas are everywhere, and locals are always grumpy, dressed in ushanka hats, valenki or lapti and like to drink vodka. The truth is, the chances to see a bear playing balalaika during Russia travel are close to none, ushanka, valenki, and lapti can be found only in museums, and Russians have big hearts and are always ready to help (although, it's impossible to imagine a proper Russia tour without vodka tasting). This amazing country is much more beautiful, multifaced, and complex than can be put into words. Home to the striking cities, countless world-famous sights, and jaw-dropping landscapes, Russia is truly a place of wonder and if you are looking for a train travel destination, boasting one-of-a-kind heritage, unparalleled history, and exceptional diversity in terms of nature and cultures, the biggest country in the world definitely won't leave you disappointed.

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