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China Railway Tours

Did you know that China is the third-largest country in the world after Russia and Canada? Vast in size, China stretches through 7 timezones and boasts astonishing diversity. For example, the country is home to scenic coastal plains, majestic mountains, tropical rain forests, and cold steppes. Traditional Chinese Cuisine differs a lot depending on the region and counts eight different styles. It seems impossible, but there are over 55 dialects of the Chinese language still in use nowadays. Not difficult to see why China is a dream holiday destination. It has so many sides to explore that a lifetime is not enough to unveil all the secrets of the country.
Unique culture, beautiful cities, fantastic sights, and one-of-a-kind architecture are a sure recipe for a vacation of a lifetime, and Chine has it all. To ensure a completely worry-free trip, all our China train tours include only the most time-saving connections, top-notch centrally located hotels, private airport transfers, and excellent English-speaking guides.

Trans-Siberian Vacation Packages

Trans-Siberian rail journey is literally the adventure of a lifetime. You embark on the train and discover the most extended rail in the world together with fellow travelers and professional guides. Despite all the romantic vibes and calls for adventure, this trip requires careful planning and preparations. Usually, the journey is for at least 14 days, and it might be challenging to book all accommodations, guiding tours, train tickets on your own without knowing the local language. Our team of experienced destination specialists knows all ins and outs of Trans-Siberian journeys, speaks Russian, and has all the tools to create the perfect itinerary. The Trans-Siberian journey is a gorgeous and unique destination worth exploring and enjoying in full. Let's start to plan?



Things To Do & Places To See in China.

Don't miss out on any important sights & experiences in China.

The Trans-Siberian rail goes through many tine villages and towns, located in Russia, China, and Mongolia. Check the best Chinese highlights to include the best to your mind in your itinerary.

Highlights of Norway tours
  • Exploring Tiananmen Square
  • The Forbidden City
  • Visit to the Great Wall of China
  • Ming Tombs
  • The Jade Factory
  • Most renowned Beijing landmarks
  • The National Museum of China
  • The House of People's Meetings
  • The Summer Palace
  • Silk Store visiting


China Travel Tips

Enjoy your Trans-Siberian journey with top tips from our dedicated specialists.

Northern Lights in Norway
  • What to pack

    Be sure you take comfortable shoes since, during the Trans-Siberian journey, you will have plenty of walking tours.

  • Currency

    The Chinese currency is Yuan, and it's better to exchange some money before your departure to avoid high fees.

  • How much to tip

    In Asian countries, tips are not widespread, and nobody is waiting for them. In case you liked the service, the amount of bonuses is up to you.

  • When to travel

    We have tours during all seasons but recommend you to check the weather forecast before your planning departure to be sure the temperature level is alright.

  • Climate

    During your Trans-Siberian journey, you'll change many climates. The Chinese one is warm in Summer, around 30°C (86°F), and average, and cold in winter - approx -13°C (8°F).

  • Souvenirs

    China is famous for craft goods, silk products, jewelry, green tea, spirits, and chopsticks. Choose the most impressive souvenir to have good memories from your adventure.








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