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Did you know that China is the third-largest country in the world after Russia and Canada? Vast in size, China stretches through 7 timezones and boasts astonishing diversity. For example, the country is home to scenic coastal plains, majestic mountains, tropical rain forests, and cold steppes. Traditional Chinese Cuisine differs a lot depending on the region and counts eight different styles. It seems impossible, but there are over 55 dialects of the Chinese language still in use nowadays. Not difficult to see why China is a dream holiday destination. It has so many sides to explore that a lifetime is not enough to unveil all the secrets of the country. Unique culture, beautiful cities, fantastic sights, and one-of-a-kind architecture are a sure recipe for a vacation of a lifetime, and Chine has it all. To ensure a completely worry-free trip, all our China train tours include only the most time-saving connections, top-notch centrally located hotels, private airport transfers, and excellent English-speaking guides.

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