Ulan-Ude, Russia

Ulan Ude, Russia

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About Ulan-Ude

About Ulan-Ude

Why Go to Ulan-Ude

The city of Ula-Ude is known to anyone interested in Russia travel as its one of the most fascinating places in East Siberia. The city is located not far from both China and Mongolia and Ulan-Ude's development was highly influenced by the geographical location of the city. Although located in Russia, Ulan-Ude feels more like an Asian city but at the same time leaves no doubt about its Russian heritage. Today, this Russian city boasts a title of the major transportation center between the countries and an important pit-stop during any Trans-Siberian adventure.

Closed for any foreign visitors till 30 years ago, the city is not very popular among those who are interested in Russia travel but not because it lacks interesting things to see. The lion's share of Ulan-Ude sights are the reminders of the city's Soviet past and the most significant of them all is the biggest monument of Vladimir Lenin's head in the world. It seems hard to believe, but the statue weighs over 42 tons (2 000 pounds)!

Another great place to add to your Ulan-Ude itinerary is the striking Ivolginsky Datsan. This place was the main Buddhist Center in USSR and still is one of the major Buddhist temples in Russia, visited by thousands of pilgrims every year. As you can see, this amazing place is definitely not to be missed during your Ulan-Ude tour and if you are lucky, you might even witness some of the traditional rituals, honoring the guardians of the teachings.

What to Do in Ulan-Ude

  • Take a picture of the amazing Ivolginsky Datsan
  • Explore the unique nature of Buryatia
  • See the largest Lenin's head in the world